I talked to Pastor Diogene tonight and he sends his greetings and his appreciation to all of his friends and partners in this ministry.  He also really appreciates your prayers for him and his ministry team.  The food distributions has been going very well — often on the news we see the lack of control when food is given out but Diogene says that his ministry team has handled the distributions with out incident.

In addition to the distributions that Diogene’s ministry team are doing, there are several other pastor friends of Diogene who are coming to Diogene to receive food to share with their people.  And then there are many of Diogene’s church members who have left Port au Prince and gone back to home villages in the rural areas of Haiti.  Diogene has  sent food along with them as well.   So your contributions are going much farther than we thought.  Thank you so much!

Pastor Diogene made a visit to one of the hospitals yesterday.  The patients were so happy to see a pastor come and visit and pray with them.  They are so open to hearing about Jesus.  Whereever they go, the Christians boldly share the gospel and the people gladly listen.  Many are responding to the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ every day.  Now Diogene is wondering if the church they plan to rebuild is going to be big enough to seat all the new Christians.  He’s talking about the need to buy a bigger piece of land in order to build a bigger church.  So let’s add that to our prayer list.  Nothing is too big for God and if that’s what he desires, I trust that “He also will bring it to pass”.  I Thessalonians 5:24b

Glenn and Art made it into Haiti late this afternoon.  Doug was out on the tarmac of the airport waiting for them.  Tomorrow while Doug goes to meet with the UN and World Food Organization, Glenn is driving to the Dominican Republic to pick up four pallets of vegetable soup mix that arrived there today.  Thank you for your prayers for Doug and Glenn as they serve the Lord and the people of Haiti.  I thank God for their servant hearts.  God has raised them up to use their gifts in Haiti at this time.



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