I’ve heard from both Doug and Glenn this afternoon.  Glenn spent the morning fixing the brakes on the Dihatzu 1-ton truck.  He didn’t have all the tools he needed so he had to go to the Home Depot of PAP (it was open thankfully) to purchase what he needed.  With the brakes now working properly, this afternoon he made a run to the Dominican Republic to pick up a load of vegetable soup mix that had arrived from The Gleaners.  Doug is enjoying having Glenn there to help share the load.

Doug spent the morning at UN and World Food organization meetings.  He is learning a great deal but still hasn’t received the food.  He is still optimistic that it will be coming soon.  In the meantime he is buying as much food as he can.  This afternoon he hauled several loads from the wholesale food warehouse.  It seems that with so much free food in the country and very little money, there are very few buyers and that has helped us with the availabiliy and the price.  We are purchasing enough to be able to continue to feed the people on the hillside as well as the PAP church members and their neighbors. 

Pastor Diogene and his ministry team made another distribution of food today.  They keep hearing of more Haitians who haven’t been receiving aid so they continue to reach out further as the food supply is available.  They always share their faith in Jesus boldly as they share the food. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers for this ministry.  God is doing a great work through the distribution and outreach to these needy Haitians today.   We praise Him for His goodness and provision!



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