Bernie mentioned in a recent update that we are looking for short-term sponsors for 180 families who are in desperate need right now in Port-au-Prince.  These families, many of whom lost their homes in the earthquake, need a bridge between the emergency relief they are receiving right now and the time when they will return to supporting themselves.  We would like to provide these families with $50 or $100 each month (depending on the size of the family) for the next six month.  And we would like you to consider a six-month sponsorship in that amount ($50 or $100/month).  More information is available here along with an online form to submit if you decide to make this commitment.

Doug spent much of his day in Port-au-Prince today (Friday) meeting several of these families, taking photographs and collecting information.  So there will be photos and data sheets available for some of the sponsored families.  We will work hard to report to all the sponsors on the families they support, but please understand that this information may be slow in coming as Doug and Diogene prioritize securing and distributing relief resources.

Doug will be back to food distribution tomorrow (Saturday).  He plans to truck a load of food to Maranatha, an orphanage approximately 45 miles north of Port-au-Prince.

On the Canadian side of Starfish Ministries, we have received a 40 foot container (40 pallets) of a nutritious soup mix (we have used this food in our Starfish schools for some time).  Our goal is to have this food in Port-au-Prince on February 2.  Pray with us that this container would move without delay across North America and then through the Caribbean to Haiti.  Pray also that it would move through customs in Port-au-Prince quickly so that we might be able to distribute it to hungry Haitians.

Finally, we have a load of tents being flown in to Port-au-Prince from Orlando.  This is an answer to prayer.  These tents will be distributed to many living in the streets and will provide some protection from the elements.

Thank you again for your continued support.  Please don’t stop praying.  There is much yet to be done.

Serving together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp


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