February 2010 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

So much has happened since January 12, when a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked Port-au-Prince, it’s hard to know what to share and where to begin.  We could talk of the sheer scale of the disaster, a city in ruins, tens of thousands of lost lives, even more who have been left homeless and destitute. 

We could share individual stories of sorrow and loss, how Daniel Thalisimo, full of joy and anticipation after setting his wedding date the previous evening, lost his fiancée when the school she attended collapsed.

We could tell of God’s protection, how Pastor Diogene and the church leadership prayed as the church walls fell around them, and how God rescued them.  Or how Michelin felt such a strong urging from the Holy Spirit that he got down off of the roof where he was working and went home early, just moments before the earthquake struck. Continue Reading →

Saturday 1/30

We haven’t had much information coming out of Haiti today.  Doug and Glenn did go to the UN meetings this morning and they learned that Port-au-Prince has been divided into 16 districts and five major organizations are responsible for those areas.  World Vision has been assigned the area where we have been distributing food.  That means that all the donated food will be flowing through those five organizations.  Doug now is trying to make contact with the World Vision leadership in Haiti so that we can work with them and access some of that food for our area.  Doug seemed to think that this new procedure will be positive in reaching into all the areas of PAP.  Continue Reading →

Friday in Haiti

 I could envision Doug doing cartwheels in his excitement when I talked to him this morning.  All of your prayers and all of his meetings and hours of networking with many people during this week have paid off.  This morning we received two dump truck loads of free food, a total of 550 cases of “ready to eat” meals.  There are 12 meals to a case so a total of 6600 meals.  There are six different varieties of TV dinner type meals.  And they come with a heat pack so they are a hot meal immediately ready for hungry Haitians.  We are praising God for His provision of this food today!

Doug didn’t know if this is the first of more loads to come — but we thank God for whatever He supplies!  Doug really appreciates your prayers and support — he told me to pass on his gratitude to you all. 

Glenn was at the PAP church building site evaluating the damage and seeing if there is a safe way to start some demolition.  Pastor Diogene also had a Haitian engineer at the site checking out the foundation and basement ceiling in order to make a decision concerning the possibility of rebuilding.  Information will be put together and we’ll let you know what the outcome will be.

Glenn also was able to spend some time today Daniel Thalisamo and Mickenson.  They too appreciate the prayers of their American brothers and sisters in Christ.  Glenn said they are doing quite well for all they have been through.

We appreciate you all — thanks for your prayers and support.

Thursday 1/28

I’ve heard from both Doug and Glenn this afternoon.  Glenn spent the morning fixing the brakes on the Dihatzu 1-ton truck.  He didn’t have all the tools he needed so he had to go to the Home Depot of PAP (it was open thankfully) to purchase what he needed.  With the brakes now working properly, this afternoon he made a run to the Dominican Republic to pick up a load of vegetable soup mix that had arrived from The Gleaners.  Doug is enjoying having Glenn there to help share the load. Continue Reading →

Call from Diogene

I talked to Pastor Diogene tonight and he sends his greetings and his appreciation to all of his friends and partners in this ministry.  He also really appreciates your prayers for him and his ministry team.  The food distributions has been going very well — often on the news we see the lack of control when food is given out but Diogene says that his ministry team has handled the distributions with out incident.

In addition to the distributions that Diogene’s ministry team are doing, there are several other pastor friends of Diogene who are coming to Diogene to receive food to share with their people.  And then there are many of Diogene’s church members who have left Port au Prince and gone back to home villages in the rural areas of Haiti.  Diogene has  sent food along with them as well.   So your contributions are going much farther than we thought.  Thank you so much! Continue Reading →

Wednesday Update

Glenn Bridges connected with Art Berry from Bellingham in Dallas last night.  They arrived in Fort Lauderdale at about 11:30 PM, checked into a hotel and got a little sleep.  They were up early and started working on the details of their flight to Haiti today.  It seemed that it wasn’t going to come together and they were considering spending another night at the hotel when the phone call came.  “I have two seats available on a small plane that departs in about one hour.  Do you want them?”  Glenn and Art grabbed a taxi and headed directly to the airport.  I had to send additional documentation and at 10:00 AM PST I received the phone call saying that they were on the plane and ready for takeoff.  We are so thankful to God for providing these seats today.  Thank you for praying! Continue Reading →

Tuesday Update

Doug spent about three hours at the UN & World Food Program meetings this morning.  Although we have not received food from these sources, Doug is confident that we could begin receiving food as early as tomorrow.  So please keep praying for this opportunity.

Pastor Diogene received word this morning that the wholesale food warehouse, where we bought out the food last week, has received a new shipment.  So we were able to purchase more rice and beans today and have made a second distribution to the large group of people on the hillside near Diogene’s church.  Continue Reading →

Monday January 25

Thank you for praying Doug through his meeting this morning.  He has now made our formal request for food with the UN World Food Organization and will be waiting for a couple of days for the results.  As he was leaving that meeting he met someone from another organization that has food but was looking for distribution opportunities.  So he and Doug connected, exchanged information and Doug is waiting for a call from him that could result in 20 tons of food as early as tomorrow and more loads to follow.  We trust this was another divine appointment and that God will bring His desired purpose and many will be fed.   So please keep on praying.  Continue Reading →