Friday Update

Aimee Thomas greets a baby at the hospital in La Pointe

The team from Grace Community Church in Auburn, Washington, met early this morning for a breakfast of pancakes made by Bernie (something you can only experience in Haiti).  After breakfast we set out for La Pointe, a two and a half hour trip north.  There is a hospital in La Pointe that is run by the Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti, an organization that Starfish Ministries partners with on occasion.  The team spent time at the hospital touring the facility and interacting with patients and staff.

After returning to Tricotte, the team split into two groups.  One assembled bags of food that will be distributed by local churches in some of the poorer villages in the area.  The other group built benches that will be used by another church.

Serving the Lord together,

Bernie, Sheryl & Philip Bovenkamp

Pastor Diogene – in his own words

Several families in our church lost everything they had and did not know what to do.  But through the Starfish Ministries food distribution program, they have survived.  Our food distribution program has a great reputation among the Haitian people, and I want to thank everyone who contributed for their help to make this possible.

The food distribution has helped approximately 10,000 people in Haiti.  Half of them are in the area around our church and the others are in other parts of Port-au-Prince and Haiti.  We still feed them and will continue for another month.

One of my pastor friends said, “You can not imagine the impact on my church people.  Even though many organizations are distributing food in Haiti, Starfish is treating people with respect.  I want to thank those donors for their help.”

And we want to add our thanks to that of Pastor Diogene and his pastor friend.  Thank you for all for your generous support.

Haiti Update 2/9

Thank you for your prayers for the crusade in Port au Prince.  I received a report from Pastor Diogene this morning.  He and his ministry team are praising God for His work in the lives of spiritually hungry Haitians.  Last night the crusade began.  There were almost 500 people out on the street in front of Diogene’s PAP church.  They have blocked off this section of the street making it possible for many people to gather.  And 24 people responded to the gospel message last night — praying to receive Jesus and become His follower.  Among them was a 16 year old girl who was a powerful witch-doctress.  When introduced to Jesus, this young lady fell to the ground.  Diogene said, “that was something special, to see God’s power take over in her life.”  Diogene then sent a team with the young lady to her house and they collected and burned everything she had that was connected to her voodoo past.  This young lady has been set free from the enemy’s grasp and is now a new child of God.  Thank you so much for your partnership with us as we continue to pray for a great harvest of souls as the crusade continues throughout this week. Continue Reading →

Friday 2/5

I was able to get through to Pastor Diogene this morning.  He sounded more rested and energetic — thank you for praying for him. 

As president of the UEBH (Union of Evangelical Baptist Churches of Haiti) Diogene had an office in a STEP Seminary building.  That building was destroyed in the earthquake.  All the UEBH offices and the STEP offices were in that building.  So Diogene has been in a lot of meetings to discuss what direction God would have them go in this area.  Please pray for wisdom for Diogene and his UEBH leadership team.

Pastor Diogene reported that none of the over 250 pastors in the UEBH had died in the earthquake.  However some of them have lost wives and several have lost children and many members of their churches.   Diogene has had much opportunity to minister to these pastors.  Our food distribution ministry is now reaching out to 15 of these pastors who have not yet received aid from the UN or World Food Program.  Each of these pastors has there own “camp” that they are reaching out to with food.  Thank you for praying for these pastors as they deal with their own grief and then also minister to so many hurting within their churches.

Yesterday Glenn visited several of our schools and churches.  He didn’t find any structual damage — however there are small cracks that will need some attention.  We are thankful that all of these buildings are still habitable and our school ministry can continue. 

Pastor Diogene and his ministry team are preparing for the evangelistic crusade that will begin next Monday.  They are cleaning up an area close to the PAP church, building a raised area to lead from and putting up some large tarps for some cover.  But most of all they are praying for God to open many hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being part of this prayer team. 

Thanks so much for partnering with your prayers and support.

Wednesday 2/3

Glenn arrived in Tricotte last night and will be spending the next few days there.  Tricotte is about 120 miles north of Port au Prince and is the location of our orphanage.   Most of our 33 elementary schools are in that general area.  Glenn will be traveling to many of those school villages in order to verify the welfare of our students and the condition of the school buildings and churches.  We have had general reports that all is well but we want to do a thorough inspection to be sure there is no earthquake damage. Continue Reading →

Saturday 1/30

We haven’t had much information coming out of Haiti today.  Doug and Glenn did go to the UN meetings this morning and they learned that Port-au-Prince has been divided into 16 districts and five major organizations are responsible for those areas.  World Vision has been assigned the area where we have been distributing food.  That means that all the donated food will be flowing through those five organizations.  Doug now is trying to make contact with the World Vision leadership in Haiti so that we can work with them and access some of that food for our area.  Doug seemed to think that this new procedure will be positive in reaching into all the areas of PAP.  Continue Reading →

Friday in Haiti

 I could envision Doug doing cartwheels in his excitement when I talked to him this morning.  All of your prayers and all of his meetings and hours of networking with many people during this week have paid off.  This morning we received two dump truck loads of free food, a total of 550 cases of “ready to eat” meals.  There are 12 meals to a case so a total of 6600 meals.  There are six different varieties of TV dinner type meals.  And they come with a heat pack so they are a hot meal immediately ready for hungry Haitians.  We are praising God for His provision of this food today!

Doug didn’t know if this is the first of more loads to come — but we thank God for whatever He supplies!  Doug really appreciates your prayers and support — he told me to pass on his gratitude to you all. 

Glenn was at the PAP church building site evaluating the damage and seeing if there is a safe way to start some demolition.  Pastor Diogene also had a Haitian engineer at the site checking out the foundation and basement ceiling in order to make a decision concerning the possibility of rebuilding.  Information will be put together and we’ll let you know what the outcome will be.

Glenn also was able to spend some time today Daniel Thalisamo and Mickenson.  They too appreciate the prayers of their American brothers and sisters in Christ.  Glenn said they are doing quite well for all they have been through.

We appreciate you all — thanks for your prayers and support.

Talked to Doug

It’s Saturday afternoon and I just got off the phone with Doug in Haiti.  Doug is doing well — is staying busy and really appreciates all your prayers. 

This morning Pastor Diogene and Doug found another source of food and were able to purchase a full load of rice, beans and cooking oil at a reasonable price.  We are so thankful as God continues to supply.  As we were talking Doug said that the Haitian ministry teams were putting together more bags of various food items, cooking oil and water for distribution tomorrow.  Continue Reading →